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Bringing together our collaborative voices, we can transform the way new treatments and therapies are developed and tested.

The LGS Foundation is working hard to advance our Finding the Cures, Together Research Program, which drives cutting-edge patient-led research, leading to new therapies and treatments!

Here we have laid out the five Steps Towards Finding the Cures for LGS:

1️⃣ Establish a Community of Support
2️⃣ Educate & Empower Patient Families to Build a Better Tomorrow
3️⃣ Build an LGS Collaborative Research Network
4️⃣ Fund Patient-Led Research 
5️⃣ Freely Share Research Data so All Can Benefit

We can't do it without you! 

Step Towards the Cures with us on Saturday, May 6, 2023

The 8th Annual Walk ‘n’ Wheel for LGS Research is just around the corner... Have you registered to join us yet?! 

If not, visit our website to check out all the fun ways you can get involved now! All funds raised at this event - in person and virtually - go directly to support the critical Finding the Cures, Together Research Program!


Save the Date for the LGS Meeting of the Minds 

September 13 - 16, 2023

The LGS Foundation is hosting its second Meeting of the Minds to discuss how we can Advance Clinical Research in LGS.

For this hybrid conference, we will bring together patients, families, doctors, researchers, and partners to understand how we can learn from every patient and brainstorm how to find the best treatments for LGS. 

15th Anniversary - Fun Fact!

Did You Know?

We met with the FDA in 2019!

The LGS Foundation convened the first patient-focused drug development meeting (PFDD) for the DEEs and LGS to advise the FDA and others on what it is like to live with LGS in 2019. 

Over 100 people ranging from patients, caregivers, FDA representatives, pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, and other epilepsy professionals attended to listen to the voice of the patient family.

About the LGS Community of Support 

The LGS Foundation has grown expeditiously in the last 15 years. We would like to take some time to reintroduce you to our amazing community of support. Each month we will feature someone who has made a significant impact on the lives of those affected by LGS. 

This month we would like to you meet...
LGS Family Ambassador Crystal Ferguson

Crystal, her mother Cynthia, husband Geonard, and three boys reside in Charlotte, North Carolina. They're helping with the upcoming Walk 'n' Wheel in Kannapolis, NC, come meet them in person!

Crystal's son Geordan, is diagnosed with LGS. 

Crystal shares, "Like most of us, I have many roles...wife, mother of three, and educator. I believe that we all have a purpose in life. I don't want our experiences, good or bad, to be in vain. By volunteering I can use what we have learned to help others." 



About LGS Treatments Kits 

Now Accepting Pre-Orders

This comprehensive kit is designed to share information about available treatments for seizures in LGS and tips on maximizing your time with the specialists on your loved one’s healthcare team. 

Monthly Caregiver Support Groups

We hope you join us!

Did you know that the LGS Foundation offers monthly support groups for caregivers, as well as dads? These monthly groups are available to members of the LGS Foundation's online caregiver support community

VIP Caregiver & Sibling Kits

LGS impacts the whole family. 
VIP Sib Kits inspire creativity in children without epilepsy, letting them process through drawing and writing. It also provides ideas, educational resources, and support for parents and other caregivers.


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