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Celebrating 15 Years of Supporting Those Impacted by Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

It all started with a sibling... a sibling who watched their family struggle through what felt like overwhelming obstacles as they navigated life with LGS.

15 years later, the LGS Foundation, an organization formed from the love of a family member, has transformed into an unstoppable force. It has been an exciting decade and a half of growth and success for our LGS Community.  As a part of this great community, YOU helped make this happen.

You're Invited!

We invite you to join us for an evening of dance and fun at the 15th Anniversary Dance Party on August 12, 2023. This private event is only available to members of the LGS Foundation Caregiver Support Community. Join to get connected and learn more about the dance. 

Swing FORE a Cure is Next Month!

It's that time of year again... Join LGS Foundation's Vice President, Karen Groff, and her family for the 2nd Annual Swing FORE a Cure for LGS.

Karen's son Danny, age 37, began having seizures in his first year of life and was eventually diagnosed with LGS when he developed multiple seizure types. 

Karen shares, "My husband Jeff and I are inspired to help raise funds for LGS research. We know this is the best way to ensure better outcomes for those suffering from this disease.

Save the Date: International LGS Awareness Day is November 1, 2023!

This November, we'll kick off Epilepsy Awareness Month with International LGS Awareness Day!

Stay tuned for more details on all the exciting things we have planned:

  • LGS Awareness T-Shirts
  • LGS Awareness Boxes
  • LGS Foundation Anniversary Dinner: 15 Years of Supporting Those Impacted by LGS in San Diego, CA
  • Social Media Toolkit and Awareness Campaign
  • Buildings and Monuments Illuminate for LGS
  • ... and More!
15th Anniversary - Fun Fact!

Did You Know?

Our First Meeting of the Minds Research Conference was in 2021!

In September 2021, over 250 researchers and family members from 7 different countries joined the LGS Foundation for a 2-day discussion focused on finding disease-modifying therapies for LGS. 

This September, the LGS Foundation is hosting its second Meeting of the Minds to discuss how we can Advance Clinical Research in LGS. 

About the LGS Community of Support 

The LGS Foundation has grown expeditiously in the last 15 years, so we're taking some time to reintroduce you to our amazing community of support. Each month we will feature someone who has made a significant impact on the lives of those affected by LGS. 

This month we would like to you meet...
LGS Family Ambassador Mandy Graham

Mandy, her husband Keith, and two children, Brock (16 with LGS) and Gabriel, live in Kansas. 

Mandy shares, "I believe it is vital for us to share information to further grow, educate, and raise awareness about LGS. So much has changed since Brock's diagnosis. I feel it is important for us to share our journey with others. The more knowledge we can openly share can lead to advances in treatments, caregiver education, and quality of life for those with LGS." 



This month we would like to present to you,


Below are three carefully curated Resource Kits to help caregivers and siblings understand and navigate their journey with LGS. These kits offer a wealth of information and are available to families free of charge. 

*Shipping in the United States only. Electronic downloads available.*

New Family Welcome Kit

Whether you're new to LGS or new to the LGS Foundation, we're here to support you. The New Family Welcome Kits provide educational materials to those who want to learn more about LGS and the programs the Foundation offers.

VIP Caregiver & Sibling Kit

Living with a chronic illness impacts everyone in the family. Our VIP Sibs Kits offer support and resources for families who are impacted by rare epilepsies.

About LGS Treatments Kit 
This comprehensive kit contains information on current treatments, clinical trials, and tips on maximizing your time with your loved one’s healthcare team.


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